Jack DeBoer • Founder of four successful hotel brands


Success in Business Without Risking Family, Friends and Reputation


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“When you are at the head of the rapids, fearful for what the journey through might bring, it is such a comfort to see someone who has already made it past the rough waters, smiling below the falls.”

–Ambassador Robert A. Seiple
Past President of World Vision; CEO, Institute for Global Engagement

Learn From a Guy Who Tells It Straight

Hotel magnate Jack DeBoer fills Risk Only Money with all the lessons that he had to learn the hard way. The things he wishes someone had told him years ago. Conveyed, of course, in DeBoer’s bold, straight-from-the-hip manner.

DeBoer believes there are things we should never jeopardize: family, reputation, self-respect, friendships, health. But money? To him, capital exists to risk, gain, lose and reclaim. And then to do it all over again. As DeBoer points out, win or lose, tomorrow the game begins again.

From the book’s opening death threat from a pay-me-or-else creditor to DeBoer’s closing “God bless,” Risk Only Money offers insights for us all. Whether we’re young in our journeys, still striving for success, or whether we, too, have discovered what it means to live a life of significance.

How It All Began

Jack DeBoer began his entrepreneurial life as a 10 year old selling pansies in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Wholesale, mind you. He’d walk two miles to the pansy field, fill the three-tier rack he’d built for his wagon, hightail it back to his neighborhood and sell his flats to kids who’d then take them door to door. DeBoer’s work was done by 9 a.m. so he had the rest of his Saturday to spend as he pleased.

Simple story, but big implications. DeBoer’s always had a knack for sizing up opportunities then seizing them. He sees what others miss.

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