Jack DeBoer • Founder of four successful hotel brands


Success in Business Without Risking Family, Friends and Reputation


“When you are at the head of the rapids, fearful for what the journey through might bring, it is such a comfort to see someone who has already made it past the rough waters, smiling below the falls. This is Jack, sharing a life that reads as one great adventure, listening, learning from both success (and more often) failure, ultimately co-opting common sense while holding fast to the timeless values of honesty and the Golden Rule. I have known Jack and Marilyn for over 20 years. The truths spoken of in this book have been lived out in each of them. If we were only allowed two friends in life, we would be foolish not to claim the DeBoers!”

– Ambassador Robert A. Seiple

Past President of World Vision, CEO Institute for Global Engagement

“True greatness – true significance – is found in giving our lives to serve others, not in acquiring prestige, power, influence, and money. In Risk Only Money, Jack DeBoer shares his own story of making it to the top, only to be taught some hard and humbling lessons when he got there. His story will challenge you to rethink your own definition of success. Are you willing to give of yourself? Your answer will say a lot about your future – and your own significance.”

– Richard Stearns

President of World Vision US and author of The Hole in Our Gospel

Risk Only Money is a book rich in personal experiences. It reads like a novel but is factual in every respect. It is filled with lessons of success and failure and real lessons about honesty and integrity. While there are many references to the entrepreneur, the business observations are equally valid for corporate executives and the non-profit leader. You will be wiser after reading this book.”

– C. Fred Fetterolf

Retired President and Chief Operating Officer, Aluminum Company of America

“Jack’s journey from the struggles, lessons and joys of success to the rewarding place of significance sets a high standard for others to emulate. His story is motivating and a good read.”

– Steve Reinemund

Retired Chairman and CEO PepsiCo; Dean, The Schools of Business Wake Forest University

“Jack DeBoer painfully and candidly portrays his biggest business mistakes. In doing so, he helps the reader to determine if they are a manager or entrepreneur. For those entrepreneurs, he unlocks the golden nugget that long-term successful entrepreneurs don’t work for money, but for a higher purpose, and in doing so they create a spiritual mission for themselves and those they lead.”

– Ed Flaherty

Entrepreneur and former owner of Rapid Oil Change Company (sold to Valvoline Motor Oil) and more than 100 hotels, shopping centers and Applebee’s restaurants; now a leader in the signage and display business

“Jack believes in God’s grace and that ‘taking care of business’ means honoring the Lord and sharing his blessings. In Risk Only Money, Jack offers a roadmap to others seeking fame and fortune. They may be surprised to find he takes them beyond material riches to a place of greater fulfillment. But they will be glad.”

– David Green

CEO and Founder, Hobby Lobby

“Business, like life, requires focused, motivated teamwork. Jack DeBoer would be the first to say that even the MVP couldn’t win the game without full support, strategic risk – and a touch of magic.”

– Pat Williams

Senior VP and Co-Founder of the NBA’S Orlando Magic

“You don’t have to be in the lodging industry to find value in Risk Only Money. Anyone contemplating the road less traveled would be well served by studying Jack DeBoer’s journey. He innovates rather than simply trotting out yesterday’s answers for yesterday’s travelers.”

– Horst Schultze

Chairman and CEO, West Paces Hotel Group

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