Jack DeBoer • Founder of four successful hotel brands


Success in Business Without Risking Family, Friends and Reputation

DeBoer’s Lessons- Letters to the Editor-The Wichita Eagle


Wichitan Jack DeBoer has written a significant book, “Risk Only Money.” DeBoer’s authenticity comes through on every page.

We learn of his battle with ego, his mistakes, his business success, his adventuresome nature, his lifelong friendships and his marriage of almost 60 years. He shares profound, insightful lessons he has learned over his 80 years. We see evidence of his creativity, his thoughtfulness, his discipline and his goodwill toward others.

DeBoer and his wife, Marilyn, have given much to many — not only in Wichita, but especially to the desperately needy in Myanmar (Burma). Their giving has changed their lives and those of many others.

The thoughts DeBoer communicates in this exceptional book could help change more lives. He has continued to think throughout his life, and it has paid off.

Thank you, Jack, for passing on helpful lessons you have learned along the way.




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